Humans At Risk from Second-Hand Cat Chow


On the heels of a shocking study claiming second-hand tobacco smoke may increase cancer risk among housecats, a new report from the I.M. Frisky Institute says humans can suffer from the effects of second-hand cat chow.

"Cat chow that has been through a feline digestive system -- second-hand chow -- can have a negative impact on the olfactory organs of humans in close proximity," the report abstract said.

Use of odor-masking cat litter products does little to decrease the risk, according to the study.

"Face it, second-hand chow stinks," the report goes on to say. "Spraying bad perfume on it just adds another foul stench to the mix."

Scientists who conducted the study say abstinence from cat ownership is the only cure. However, they are working on an antidote. Promising areas of research include nasal clothespin devices, and "smoking big aromatic cigars."